Managing Partner

 Oren Sher

 New York Life Insurance Company

 Harrisburg General Office

 3401 N Front Street

 Harrisburg, PA  17110

 Phone (717) 230-0610

 FAX  (717) 238-6580


Oren Sher was born in Israel and arrived in the U.S. in 1987 after serving in the Israeli army for three years.

Oren played for the Israeli Volleyball National Team and was recruited by UCLA and was part of the NCAA championship team in 1989.

Oren joined the financial services business in 2002 and was hired as an Agent with New York Life Insurance Company in November of 2009.  He was promoted to Partner in April of 2010 and earned the distinction of a ‘Top 50’ Partner in 2011 and ‘Top 10’ Partner in 2012.  In 2013, Oren was the #1 Partner in the country,  in 2014 Oren promoted to Senior Partner.   With his hard work and dedication, he has just recently been appointed as the Managing Partner of the Harrisburg General Office.

Oren has had a tremendous amount of success with New York Life Insurance Company but his greatest achievements have been his family and four beautiful daughters.